Stage 3 - Drawing Services

Seeing is believing

Formal 2D Architectural drawings can often prove complex to understand, particularly since two or more are required to be read in conjunction to allow full understanding. To support the formal drawings, we offer an additional service, the creation of 3D visualisations.

Our visualisation service has two tiers: 'white box' and 'artistic.'

A white box visualisation offers a swift representation without textures. It emphasises the overall massing, making it instrumental in grasping the form's shape or internal layout. Illumination is simulated to demonstrate potential natural lighting.

The artistic visualisations provide a greater level of detail and requires more time for production. It incorporates textured materials, landscaping, and/or furniture. They include a semi-realistic blend of artificial and natural simulated light. These visualisations are very good at giving a real sense of the proposal and are valuable additions to a planning application. An artistic visual can also help market a project, such as a development for sale, before construction and real photos can be taken. This allows access to the market earlier.

Our visualisation services can be integrated into a project fully managed by Origin Design Studio or as a standalone service, complementing an existing set of proposed drawings from another designer.

To aid construction it is sometimes necessary to provide drawings showing technical details.

To aid construction it is sometimes necessary to provide drawings showing technical details for on-site contractors. Our detailing is done to the highest of standards to ensure all aspects of construction are carried out correctly. This ensures a swift, smooth contruction process with a finish that accurately reflects your requirements.