Stage 4 - Engineering

Structural Design

Some projects will require new structural elements that require design. Before Architecture Rob worked with a Structural Engineering firm and gained a wealth of expertise in designing and calculating steel elements. Therefore as well as Architectural services, for small projects we can offer design and specification of Steel Beams, Lintels and other structural elements.

To discuss your project please contact Rob on 01522 405 100.

Flood Risk Assessments

Many Planning Applications especially those in and around Lincolnshire require a Flood Risk Assessment. At Origin Design Studio we will assess wether your project requires an assessment. If it does we can prepare the Flood Risk Assessment using Environment Agency Mapping Data to calculate the potential risk of flooding and prescribe any remidial solutions and extra design elements to be included in the proposed design.

For more inofrmation on this service please contact Rob on 01522 405 100.